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We currently accept the following health insurances: Aetna, Affinity, Centers Plan for Healthy Living, Cigna, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Elderplan, Fidelis Care, EmblemHealth-GHI, Healthfirst, Humana, MetroPlus, United Health Care, Village Care Max, Medicare and Medicaid (straight), Magnacare, Multiplan, Wellcare, WC, 1199 SEIU​

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Welcome To KinesioWorks Physical Therapy, P.C.

KinesioWorks Physical Therapy provides exceptional and individualized one-on-one physical therapy evaluation and treatment. We are committed to the highest quality of patient care provided by our experienced physical therapists.

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Health Insurances We Accept:

We currently accept self-pay patients and the following health insurances: Aetna, Affinity, Centers Plan for Healthy Living, Cigna, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Elderplan, EmblemHealth-GHI, Fidelis Care, Healthfirst, Humana, MetroPlus, United Health Care, WellCare. Workers Comp, Village Care Max, Medicare and Medicaid (straight), Magnacare, Multiplan, WC, 1199 SEIU

Our new physical therapy out-patient rehab office is now located in the Hamilton and Washington Heights section of Manhattan. Aside from the orthopedic and sports physical therapy services that we offer, we also perform 2D Running Gait Analysis (RGA) and soon to offer 3D Running Gait Analysis. Additionally, our physical therapy provider is a Certified Running Gait Analyst-Level 1 and 2 and is an avid runner as well.

Both types of RGA have been shown to be reliable measures to identify and assess running kinematics that affect a runner’s performance. Results of the study by Reinking et al (2018) have shown that 2D RGA has a high intra-rater and inter-rater reliability in measuring eight running kinematic variables in the sagittal plane. Moreover, A systematic review by Oliviera et al (2019) further supports the reliability of video-based 2D RGA. The authors found that 2D RGA has a high reliability in quantifying step rate among runners as well as in determining the foot strike pattern (Oliviera et al 2019). Oliviera et al (2019) highly recommends the use of 2D RGA in clinical settings based on the excellent outcomes in the studies and the ability of clinicians with varying levels of clinical experience to reliably perform 2D RGA (Oliviera et al 2019; Reinking et al 2018).


Oliviera F., Fredette A., Echeverria S., Batch, C., Roy, J. (2019). Validity and reliability of 2-dimensional video-based assessment to analyze foot strike pattern and step rate during running: A systematic review. SPorts Health.  11(5). 409-415. doi: 10.1177/1941738119844795

Reinking, M., Dugan L., Ripple, N., Schleper K., Scholz H., Spadino J., Stahl C., McPoil T. (2018). International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy . 13(3) 453-461 doi: 10.26603/ijspt20180453



To our dear patients, families, referring doctors, community leaders, and health insurance network managers,

We at KinesioWorks Physical Therapy, PC highly prioritize and are committed to the health and wellness of our patients and staff. We continue to monitor the events related to the spread of the novel coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) and update ourselves with the most recent guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYDOHMH), and the state and federal government agencies.

Our new office is now open located at 1980 Amsterdam Avenue Ground Floor Unit 1B, New York, New York 10032.

As per the CDC, having a healthy and hygiene practices may help prevent or reduce the risk of getting infected:

1. If you have been fully vaccinated 2 weeks after the second dose in a 2-dose series that include Pfizer, Moderna, or 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine (e.g. Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Vaccine, you are now allowed to practice the indoor protocols (not public) as per CDC guidelines:

1a. you can gather indoors (not public) with fully vaccinated people without wearing a mask. 

2. Proper use of face mask, maintain safe distancing, frequent use of hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently especially before meals, after using the bathroom, after you sneeze or cough (Mineo, 2020).

3. Avoid touching your face with unclean hands.

4. Clean and disinfect frequently high touched surfaces or objects daily such as equipment, tables, countertops, doorknobs and handles, and cabinet handles.

5. Cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow or tissue and then promptly throw the tissue into the garbage receptacle.

Please visit the link below for a more detailed and complete guidelines from the CDC on how to protect yourself at home, at work, and in the community.

5. For more information for symptoms, testing, quarantine, and vaccinations, please visit the CDC website @

We all play an important role in the prevention of spread of coronavirus disease. 

Together, we will get through this pandemic.

Keep calm and stay safe,

From your Family at KinesioWorks Physical Therapy, P.C.


CDC. (2021). Community, Work, and School.

Available at:

CDC. (2021). When you’ve been fully vaccinated.

How to protect yourself and others. 

Available at:

Mineo, L. (2020). How to reduce the spread of coronavirus.  The Harvard Gazette. Available at:

Got Lower Back Pain? We have the right solution for you.

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Vertetrac is an innovative device for the treatment of chronic low back pain due to lumbar disc herniation. It provides dynamic traction that is used during treatment while the patient is walking. Recent studies have shown the beneficial effects of the dynamic traction system in alleviating low back pain and improving patient outcomes. In the study by Mirovsky, Grober, Blankstein, and Stabholz (2006), use of Vertetrac has improved pain scores and increased lumbar range of motion in patients with mechanical low back pain. In Vertetrac has also been shown to have high accuracy in measuring spinal stiffness (Young et. al., 2020). Tucker (1994) also described the results of the study by Stabholtz and Gruber. In the study, patients with lumbar facet syndrome had a reduction in symptoms after using Vertetrac.


Mirovsky Y., Grober A., Blankstein A., & Stabholz L. (2006). The effect of ambulatory lumbar traction combined with treadmill on patients with chronic low back pain. Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, 19, 73-38.

Tucker, J. (1994). Vertetrac ambulatory traction and the lumbar facet syndrome. The Digest of Chiropractic Economics, 42 and 88.

Young, A., Swain, M., Kawchuk, G., Wong, A., & Downie, A. (2020). The bench-top accuracy of the Vertetrack spinal stiffness assessment device. Chiropractic and Manual Therapies, 28(42), 1-9.

We are now officially open! Our Rehab PT office is ready to serve the

community of The Heights (Hamilton and Washington Heights) in Manhattan and neighboring areas in 

New York City!

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Telephone # (718)- 839-3046/ (212) 740-2049

Fax# (917)- 388-3417

Balance Training with SoloStep

Balance Training with SoloStep

We provide the care that you need in the 

community of the Heights.

   The use of an overhead track system for balance training during physical therapy and rehabilitation has been used by many institutions. It offers many benefits for both the patient and the therapist. For patients, use of an overhead track system allows for partial body weight support thus improves patient experience during gait and balance training, increase confidence, and eliminates fall risk during rehabilitation itself. For healthcare staff members, including physical therapists, Miller, Engst, Tate, and Yassi (2005), reported that use of ceiling lifts for patient manual handling reduced patient handling injuries promoting safety among both 

patients and care staff.

Reference: Miller, A., Engst, C., Tate, R. B., & Yassi, A. (2006). Evaluation of the effectiveness of portable ceiling lifts in a new long-term care facility. Applied Ergonomics, 37(3), 377–385.

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Our Reopening Plan in New York: Please click here for details.


During this unprecedented time, continuity of care is of utmost importance. In our effort to provide the best service for our patients, we are offering physical therapy via telepractice using a secure video conferencing platform that patients can access through computer or any mobile device such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Please contact us at 718-839-3046 or email at [email protected] to schedule an appointment. 

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Patient Testimonial 

"Mi experiencia en la terapia en Kinesioworks Physical Therapy P.C. a sido maravillosa, muy profisional, dedicacior y respeto. Agracio a Dios por haserme dado este regalo donde Vicente con amor humano me ha tratado. He tenido un maravillos. Dios te vendiga a ti y tu famila."

("My experience in therapy at Kinesioworks Physical Therapy has been wonderful, very professional, dedicated and respectful. Thank God for giving me this gift where Vincent with human love has treated me. I have had a wonderful time. God bless you and your family.")

Venecia T.

Payment for Services and Health Insurances Accepted

We currently accept self-pay patients and the following health insurances: Aetna, Affinity, Centers Plan for Healthy Living, Cigna, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Elderplan, Fidelis Care, Healthfirst, Humana, MetroPlus, United Health Care, Workers Comp, Village Care Max,  Medicare and Medicaid (straight), Magnacare, Multiplan, WC, 1199 SEIU